Genuine Panama hat from Montecristi, Ecuador

Are you looking for the authentic Panama hat?  We offer you the Genuine Panama hat from Ecuador made in a government-certified workshop in Montecristi. Here you will find the finest hand-made summer hats! We are located in Montecristi, the cradle of the finest Panama hats in the world. We are in close contact with the master weavers of this craft. The high quality and enjoyable wearing comfort make the Panama hats the most popular summer hats. People from all over the world are always amazed by these unique pieces of art made of natural Toquilla-straw.

We ship our hats directly from Montecristi to you! Your Panama hat can be packaged in a cardboard or in a solid hat box of balsa wood.

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The art of weaving - How finely woven is the Panama hat?
Find the perfect Panama hat by looking our different weave grades available.


Fineness weaves Panama hat Fino regular
Fino regular – 15 weaves per inch - our basic type of Panama hat of great quality
Fineness weaves Panama hat Fino
Fino – 18 weaves per inch – the Panama hat has a tighter weave than the Fino regular hat
Fineness weaves Panama hat Fino fino
Fino fino – 21 weaves per inch - Panama hat are for those who demand fine quality
Fineness weaves Panama hat Superfino
Superfino – 24 weaves per inch - Panama hat woven with the finest straw, extremely fine weave
Looking for an even finer weave? Check out our famous Ultrafino.

The weaving of a high-quality Panama hat is an intricate, laborious process. Our Panama hats come from weavers in Montecristi and Pile, internationally renowned for the superb quality weaving of its Panama hats. Depending on the fineness of the weave, each Panama hat took longer for the weaver to make. A Superfino took
up to 3 months to complete. An Ultrafino took from 4 to 6 months for a master weaver to make, woven so finely that the Panama hat appear to be made from linen. Finer weaves are achieved by using thinner individual fibres of the Carludovica palmata plant, known locally as the Toquilla palm.

The tightness, the fineness of the weave, and the regularities in the weave characterize its quality. The rows should be straight and even. The Fino fino and Superfino weave is a tighter weave resulting in a more durable and smoother surface. To determine the fineness of a Panama hat, count the number of rows of weave in one inch horizontally (or 2.54 cm).
What is so special about our hats?
"Montecristi" means the highest standard in the Panama hat trade. Each piece is crafted entirely by hand, woven so finely that the finest Panama hats appear to be made from linen. Once we receive your order, we select the right hat body for you. Then the crown of the hat is put into the steam to make the straw softer and warmer. We will now use traditional blocking methods to form the hat into the required shape. Then the inside band and ribbon are sewn on by hand. Our Panama hats are "freshly" blocked, so to say - you can feel the difference. Your order is ready to ship within 1-2 days!

Many people speak about customer satisfaction - We better let our customers speak ..
"I was amazed at the quick delivery. My hat, however, was extremely wonderful! The texture and color are superb. Thank you so much for the excellent service!"
Michael Harvey
"This is the best hat ever. This is a truly fine one. I could not be more pleased with the service. Thank you very much and you will most assuredly Hear from me in the future."
Paul Thies

"Beautiful hat and excellent quality! Fast and reliable delivery! I'm glad that I found your website! THANK YOU!!!"
Pierre M. Chalet

"The package made it quickly and in good condition. The hat is beautiful, light, and comfortable. I will wear it with pride."
Robert Spicer

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